Good karma and an abundance of style



I am an artist who learned the craft of silversmithing and jewelry making while living in Mexico during the early nineties. After working as a bookbinder for years, I returned to jewelry after starting a family and moving from the City to the Berkshires, in western Massachusetts. The urban vibe of the Berkshires, along with its laid-back style, inspired me to create an elegant and sophisticated line of jewelry that maintains a raw, elemental touch and has a bit of a "rock 'n' roll" edge. My line of TALISMANS is comprised of individually handmade, fine-silver organic pendants—no two are alike. I am so privileged to meet many of my clients and help them find their perfect piece—layering, stacking, and irreverence is highly encouraged! I guarantee that everything I make is infused with positive energy.

My latest venture—SALA, a salon-style storefront in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts—is a culmination of my passions over the years. SALA features the complete line of IVERSON jewelry along with a personally curated selection of loveliness. I work with many artists throughout the US and Mexico to bring their talents and inspiration to you. My goal is to create a space filled with peace, love, light, and good karma—not to mention a heavy dose of visual beauty. Stop by to say hi and check out the newest additions to the collection. Don’t be surprised to find artists, musicians, knitters, and more. Feel free to linger. . . .
Cocktails are at 5!




I couldn’t find the jewelry I wanted in stores, so I started designing my own.