Country Living with an urban vibe



Stephanie Iverson is an artist who learned the craft of silversmithing and jewelry making when she lived in Mexico during the early nineties. After working as a bookbinder for years, she returned to making jewelry after starting a family and moving from the City to the Berkshires, in western Massachusetts. The urban vibe of the Berkshires, along with its laid-back style, inspired her to create an elegant and sophisticated line of jewelry that maintains a raw, elemental touch and has a bit of a "rock 'n' roll" edge. Stephanie Iverson jewelry is understated enough to wear every day but remarkable enough to "make" a look. Layering pieces is highly encouraged! Current retail outlets include Twigs, the Berkshires' premiere upscale clothing store; Local, a gallery featuring the Berkshires' most talented artists and artisans; and Slate, a gorgeous boutique on Martha’s Vineyard. In addition to designing jewelry, Stephanie is a yoga instructor, so, naturally, she developed a line of yoga-inspired jewelry. Her line of Chakra Necklaces features seven necklaces, each with a stone that corresponds to one of the Chakras. These necklaces can be found at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and other yoga studios and spas.




I couldn’t find the jewelry I wanted in stores, so I started designing my own.